How It Works

What is a SuperShooter2? (US Patent No 7,662,054 B2)
The SuperShooter2 is a hockey shot training system which returns shot pucks directly back to the shooter by the specially designed curvature of the chutes.
  • The SuperShooter2 allows the shooter to rolex replica watches focus both on shooting and receiving the puck.
  • The SuperShooter2 provides a carrot (hitting the opening solidly and puck is returned directly back) so shooter is stimulated to hit the target (opening) so puck will be returned directly back.
  • The SuperShooter2 maximizes training time by eliminating puck collecting time.
  • The SuperShooter2 works on increasing shooters shot speed by providing simple means to get many shots in during short amount of time.
  • The SuperShooter2 works on improving shooters shot delivery quickness by returning the puck directly back to the shooter so shooter works on quick receiving and delivery skills each and every shot!
  • The SuperShooter2 is designed to take over 100,000 shots per month.
  • Typical training rate is 30 shots every 2-4 minutes. A player can get 200-300 shots in 20 minutes.
  • SuperShooter2  The best way to keep your shot at its peak during the season and to get your 10,000 shots in between seasons!

SuperShooter2 eliminates the …Should of  Could of   Would of…….

  It is no secret – practicing your shot will make you a better shooter, and SuperShooter2 keeps you practicing.  So the next time you get that open shot on the net you can drive it home for the goal!!

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