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Take the Supershooter2 Challenge | SuperShooter 2

1800 Keller Lake Drive, Burnsville, MN 55306

Take the SuperShooter 30-Second Challenge

Once you get your SS2, train and test your improvement with the:

SuperShooter2 30 Second Challenge

  • Players shoots 12-16' from goal depending on ability and age.
  • To score a point, player must hit the defined corner (chute/target) AND receive the returned puck. 
  • Shooter advances to the next target (chute/corner) after the chute/current corner is hit AND puck is received.
  • Shooter to work to go "Around the World" in a circle.
  • Shooter starts with 3 warm up shots (lower stick side corner to get the feel)
  • Clock starts and shooter has 30 seconds to score as many points as possible
  • Left handed shooter will progress clockwise starting from:
    • lower left corner to
    • upper left corner to
    • upper right corner to
    • lower right corner to
    • 5 hole to
    • 6 hole (center top), then repeat.
  • Right  handed shooter will progress counterclockwise starting from bottom right corner.
  • Shooter advances to the next target (corner) after the current corner is hit AND puck is received.

Initially players may score 1-3 points in 30 seconds.  From training players typically get to 8-12 points. Once 8-12 points is reached, player extends challenge by shooting from 2 feet further back.

To further explain this, link video showing them what the SuperShooter2 30 Second Challenge is.  Step two will be to have users to send in their videos of them doing it and their scores. 


“We started using the SuperShooter2 last summer, and it turns out our leading scorers this year were the ones who used the SuperShooter2 the most during the off season.”


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