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Take the SuperShooter 30-Second Challenge

Training Centers

Show Progress and Improve Shooting Skills

Hockey Training Centers are measured by one overriding metric…IMPROVEMENT. Thankfully, the SS2 can do exactly that. The SS2 can measure the improved skills to the player and the player’s coaches and parents in a variety of ways.

Most Important Feature--Motivation Doesn’t Drop

The returned puck feature is key. It motivates the shooter to keep shooting and to “follow the puck”  so they complete their 200-300 shots in 20 minutes and follow through with their on ice shots! The feedback we get is that it helps keep attention and interest.

At Home

Personal Skills Growth Conveniently at Home

Personal shooting lane owners love the SuperShooter2. No waiting your turn to shoot. Or only get 20 minutes and you are done. They get more time and keep their focus on their shot for more rapid improvement in the home environment.  And also, by having the best shooting lane at home they know where their children and friends will be – at home shooting on the SuperShooter2!

The SuperShooter2 “grows” with the player as they get better and older.

The key feature of returning the puck to shooter at shot speed is huge. As the player’s skills gets better and matures, the more challenging the SuperShooter2 becomes. It never stops being challenging. Also to add additional challenge, the player can shoot from a greater distance.  Typically mites shoot from eight feet and high school varsity shoot from 16’.


High Skill, High Speed Training

The hockey game is getting faster and faster.  Universities and their high skill players like the SuperShooter2 as a tool for players to use to develop their puck skills so they learn to react to the puck faster and faster in all situations!   Universities use them both on ice and off ice to develop their shooters best shooting skills. 

Maximizes shooting training time because the shot puck is returned to the shooter and can work on receiving at the same time. 

Hockey Associations and Clubs

Stimulates Players to Keep Working on Their Shot

The players and teams find it more motivating than hitting an open net or tarp.  It allows many players to train on each goal at one time. 

Designed for ALL Skill Levels

Typically mites shoot from eight feet and high school varsity shoot from 16’.  The better the shooter becomes, the more challenging the SuperShooter2 is to the player for it returns the puck to shooter a shot speed.   Also to add additional challenge, the player can shoot from a greater distance. 

By getting this extra shooting practice in, it gives even the more timid players the confidence and assurance in their shot so they shoot more on net during games.   This has been found very true when girls teams use the SuperShooter2. 


On and Off Ice Hockey Shot Training

Maximize your training time with the Super Shooter 2, which returns your pucks back to you while you shoot. Practice your shot accuracy and receiving mechanics instead of chasing pucks all over the rink!

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