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Born in the State of Hockey. Used Around the World

We've come a long way since the idea for the SuperShooter2 was born in the garage of a determined engineer in Burnsville, Minnesota, who knew there had to be a way to get shot pucks returned to the shooter.

Today, our shooting device is found in training centers, at universities, in ice arenas and at home shooting lanes and backyards from North America to Europe. Why? Because it works. From youth level to the pros, the SuperShooter2 holds a hockey player’s attention and consistently challenges players.

The SuperShooter2 Maximizes Space and Repetition for One of the Most Important Skills in Hockey: The Hockey Shot

Shooting lanes take up a lot of space, and when you have a large group, players have to take turns shooting. That takes time. Ideally, coaches want to get teams to maximize the number of shots in the shortest period of time. The more teams you can send through the center, with players getting quality reps shooting, equals more revenue and, most importantly, better shooting results.

The SuperShooter2 forces hockey players to focus more on the shot and on catching the puck on the return. Our training center feedback has consistently stated if users had to choose a tarp or SuperShooter2, they would pick the SS2 every time. In fact, the players even fight over who gets to use it first.

Improved Concentration Equals Improved Shooting Accuracy

When concentration improves, so does accuracy. Players require quantity and quality, and the SS2 delivers on both. Instead of ripping shots at a wall or outline of a net, the SS2 forces shooters to be more accurate or they don’t get the puck coming back to them. From youth to the pros, players learn this quickly: the ONLY way to get the puck back is to be MORE accurate.

Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Super Easy to Improve.

Players enjoy the SS2 more than tarps, and there are no mechanical parts to break down. No electricity is needed. Just pull the SS2 off the pallet and place on the rink. All player levels pick it up quickly and are challenged from the first shot to the last.

Need an Edge? Repetition with Focus Makes the Difference

Like anything, repetition over a period of time improves skill or knowledge. The challenge to repetitive tasks is boredom and lack of interest over the long-term. It's hard to stick with repetitive drills. The SS2 is the answer to keep players’ attention, concentration and SHOOTING!


My Story     

Hi, I am John Erickson, inventor and founder of SuperShooter2. Like most kids from the Upper Midwest, I grew up playing hockey and was always looking for ways to better my game. One aspect of the game that continuously fascinated me was the hockey shot. I was always shooting in the garage against a very beat up piece of plywood (this was the era before shooting tarps and such), into the chain link goal at the neighborhood rink, or into the goal on the rink my father created by flooding our backyard. Besides this, I used training methods to improve my shot such as shooting with weighted pucks I made myself by drilling holes in pucks and filling them with lead. I put weight on the back of my stick blade for shooting training sessions. Beyond this, I worked to build additional forearm and grip strength by doing endless pull-ups, spring-loaded grip pumps, and rolling up weights suspended by hockey laces on a hockey stick.

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